ENabling sTudEnts with NeuroDivERsity

ENTENDER is an ERASMUS+ Capacity Building in Higher Education project involving 9 international partners and led by Coventry University in the United Kingdom. The project aims to improve access, retention, attainment and employment prospects of people with neurodiverse conditions in Argentina and Mexico, allowing them to achieve their full potential by capacity building of neurodiversity support across higher education and employment sectors, fostering inclusion, and building knowledge. The project will run from January 2020 to December 2022.

Project Objectives

  1. To create sensitive processes and tools to screen for neurodiversity and assess learning needs which do not necessitate disclosure of a ‘disability’ Thereby increasing understanding of the needs of neurodiverse students.
  2. To enhance human capital of teachers in understanding and identifying neurodiversity, being aware of the social and academic implications for students, and capable of implementing inclusive education practices that promote integration and accommodate difference
  3. To share, develop, and embed existing good practice between institutions, nationally and internationally, in supporting neurodiverse students, learning from each other and building on achievements.
  4. To facilitate school, university, employment transitions for neurodiverse students through resource and programme development, and workplace learning initiatives.
  5. To provide employer neurodiversity training, resources and interventions to support positive conceptions of neurodiversity in the workplace and promote benefits of a diverse workforce.
  6. To establish regional networking activities promoting the inclusion of people with neurodiversity through dialogue with ministers, and other political-level actors, to get policy change for democratization of education and the workplace.
  7. To empower neurodiverse students to participate in activities that achieve attitude change in Latin America towards a positive conception of neurodiversity, fostering their own and others’ social integration and mitigating isolation and stigmatization.

Project partners