The book The Asperger Lady by the Chilean writer Cecila Oñate, was presented.

The book The Asperger Lady by the Chilean writer Cecila Oñate, was presented, in the Unit of Professor Training in the University of Colima, In this event, the author was accompanied by the editor Melissa Fernández and the professor of the Faculty of Letters and Communication,  Alberto Llanes Castillo.


Course-Workshop “Neurodiversity in University Students”

The personnel in highschool are being trained on the topics of neurodiversity from the inclusion perspective. The objective of this course is to provide adequate services to the neurodiverse students for the highschool level. 


Inauguration of the sensory room for neurodiverse people

The objective to help the Neurodiverse students to cope with the external stimuli that can result in problems or disruptions. The Rector Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz Zermeño inaugurated on Wednesday 1st of March the sensory room. This space, also, will be serving the students to enrich their academic preparation.


University of Colima trains academic staff on issues of inclusion and neurodiversity.

As part of the academic conferences of the University of Colima, this week the virtual course-workshop is being carried out: "Neurodiversity in university students", which was attended by more than one hundred managers, pedagogical advisers and academic coordinators of the upper level of this house of studies.


Final Conference in Mexico “Neurodiversity in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities”

November 29 to December 1, 2022.
Registration: https://forms.gle/xmYzScrRmwkyGb288


Foundation of the Disability Council - National University of Rosario

Presentation of the ENTENDERD project within the framework of the Meeting of the University Council for Inclusion.


Conferencia Final ENTENDER Jujuy, Argentina

Compartimos con ustedes el programa de actividades a desarrollar durante la conferencia final de ENTENDER


Semana del Cerebro. Neurodiversidad CUCEI 2022. Universidad de Guadalajara

Con diferentes actividades de difusión, se celebrará la Semana del Cerebro con el tema: Neurodiversidad


Staff from UdeC, UNIVA, and TATO Foundation will learn about neurodiversity

The course-workshop "Support strategies for the development of cognitive, social, and emotional skills in neurodiverse people" began this Thursday at the central campus of Universidad de Colima.


Workshop on neurodiversity delivered to UNIVA's personnel

"We want to do everything possible to get more universities involved in the subject in order to turn this into a long term project": Susana Preciado.