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Cascade Training: Neurodiversity in Education.

We wanted to invite you to a new activity organized by the ENTENDER Project, the Directorate of Inclusion and Accessibility of the Human Rights Area of ​​the UNR and the Bachelor of Psychopedagogy of the UGR.

In this opportunity we will carry out a training about "Neurodiversity in Education".

The training has the objective of improving the capacities to understand and identify neurodiversity, know its social and academic implications; and implementation of inclusive educational practices that promote integration and difference. It will also allow the creation of sensitive processes and tools to assess the learning needs of students, thus increasing the understanding of the needs of students with neurodiversity.

It will take place from February 14 to March 25, 2022. 6 modules will be addressed whose dictation is in charge of teachers from the National University of Rosario and the University of Gran Rosario.