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Meetings on Neurodiversity

The Cycle of Meetings on Neurodiversity in Higher Education will have a total of 6 monthly meetings to be held between June and November 2021. The objective of each of these meetings, which has professionals of recognized national and international trajectory, is to disseminate the Entender Project to which the conditions it addresses are made visible, framing all students as subjects of rights to understand the diversity of ways of learning and teaching.

In this way, the following topics will be addressed in the coming months:

June: Tourette´s Syndrome

July: Dyslexia

August: Dyscalculia

September: Dyspraxia

October: Attention Deficit Disorder with and without Hyperactivity (ADHD)

November: Autism

These spaces allow universities to think, reflect and manage as increasingly democratic and less exclusive systems, to think from a social perspective, of Human Rights. In this sense, it is essential that an eye can be put into questioning from the perspective of diversity in order to review all policies, not only in universities but also in higher education.