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University will support neurodiverse students with an international program ENTENDER

Within the framework of the World Autism Awareness Day, celebrated earlier this month, Dr. Susana Aurelia Preciado Jiménez, general director of Higher Education at the University of Colima, spoke of the importance of this house of study , together with the University of Guadalajara and universities in Spain, Argentina, Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom develop the ENTENDER project, which seeks, he said in an interview, “to improve access, retention, achievements and employment prospects of people with neurodiversity conditions in Argentina and Mexico, allowing them to reach their maximum potential through the development of capacities to support neurodiversity in Higher Education ”

On this same topic, but focused more on neurodiversity, Dr. Enrique Barrios Navarro, director of the Faculty of Medicine of the UdeC, said that this concept is new and that “it is used when talking about those people who have some difficulty in normal learning and that it is necessary to help them so that they can get ahead. Within this topic there are a series of neurodevelopmental disorders, ranging from intellectual disability and communication and learning problems, to the autistic aspect and motor disorders ”

Also in an interview, Mtra. Cynthia Raquel García Escárpita Ferrer, from the Faculty of Psychology, commented that autism can be detected from the time the baby is very young because it does not maintain eye contact with the mother at the time she is feeding it, “there is no reciprocity in affective communication -Emotional and there is a lag in the acquisition or development of language or in the motor aspect; many other times, an alarm sign is that he has already acquired the language and suddenly loses it or has a setback”.

More information at the following link: https://www.ucol.mx/enterate/nota_8730.htm

The interviews were made by Universo 94.9, the UdeC radio station.