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University works in an inclusive international project

In an interview about the initiative of the project "UNDERSTAND: development of capacities in neurodiverse students", Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz Zermeño, rector of the University of Colima said that "the institution is preparing to be at the forefront in the care of its students, because they are his priority and part of that plan are the activities included in this project ”.

The objective of ENTENDER (ENabling sTundEnts with NeuroDivERsity), which brings together nine higher education institutions that consider inclusion as one of the indicators of educational quality, added the rector, “is to improve access, retention, achievement and prospects of employment of people with neurodiversity in Argentina and Mexico, allowing them to reach their maximum potential through the development of capacities to support neurodiversity in the fields of Higher Education and employment, promoting inclusion and building knowledge ”.

More information at the following link: https://www.ucol.mx/enterate/nota_8688.htm