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University of Colima trains academic staff on issues of inclusion and neurodiversity.

The workshop aims to identify cognitive abilities and comorbidities in neurodiverse people, and proposes support strategies from the university level according to each area of ​​knowledge and educational level.

In the welcome message Susana Aurelia Preciado Jiménez, General Director of Higher Education, said that the intention of training academic staff is to give continuity to the activities of the ENTENDER Program that, although it has already concluded at the UdeC, it is important to continue updating and raising awareness teachers and administrators on the subject of neurodiversity.

UNDERSTAND was a project co-financed by the ERASMUS+ program of the European Union and led by Coventry University in the United Kingdom, in which nine international partners participated, of which the University of Colima is one of them. Its objective was to "improve the perspectives of access, permanence, graduation and employment of people with neurodiverse conditions, allowing them to reach their potential through the development of capacities to support neurodiversity in the higher education and employment sectors, promoting inclusion and building knowledge”.

More information at the following link: https://www.ucol.mx/noticias/nota_10847.htm