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People with neurodiversity can perform efficiently: R. García

To publicize and sensitize employers about the potential of including neurodivergent people in their work spaces, experts and university authorities presented this week, in a virtual work table, characteristics, adaptations and contracts with this type of workers, in addition to cases of success, as part of the Multinational Project UNDERSTAND, in which the University of Colima participates.

On the subject, the neuropsychologist and academic of the Faculty of Psychology, Raquel García-Escárpita Ferrer addressed the importance of this inclusion and of recognizing, in people with some of the autistic spectrum (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dyscalculia and Tourette's syndrome), the right to their development, the active contribution to their environment, the opportunity for decent work and personal fulfillment, not just including them in a social or charitable initiative.

In the talk, he assured that neurodivergent people "can perform a job efficiently, improve the work environment, promote teamwork and generate a sense of belonging." Likewise, he said that the field of cybersecurity represents an opportunity for them because they have a high performance in technical functions, they tend to absorb a great deal of information and memorize it, they enjoy complex tasks and they have a gift for pattern recognition.

Raquel García Escárpita added that neurodivergent people have such a capacity for concentration that they can detect patterns to identify and detect threats. They also stand out in superior manual dexterity once learned, in repetitive and mechanical manual tasks, as well as in the development of long-term memory and extraordinary repetition, this mainly in people with autism.

More information at the following link: https://www.ucol.mx/enterate/nota_9697.htm